In the subcategories of the Accommodation section of the travel directory - Agencies, Exchange, Apartments, Budget , Cottages and Houses and Hotels you will find links to the sites of accommodation providers around the world.

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When we go on holidays or travel for business we want to stay in a comfortable place: everybody has got their own understanding of this word comfort. Some people prefer to be surrounded by others and some need complete privacy, some enjoy youth hostel atmosphere and some adore luxury and exclusivity of a palace. Whatever comfort means to us we hope to get it and we usually get very much upset when our expectations fall apart. Whilst creating our travel directory we came across a significant number of different travel agencies and accommodation providers offering their services on the Internet and we were even thinking that one category of the travel directory probably did not need such a great number of contacts but it would be unfair to include some and leave behind others. The more information presented the better. There are several subcategories inside the Accommodation section: Agencies, Exchange, Apartments, Budget , Cottages and Houses and Hotels.

We added a specified region option in the Accommodation section as the number of presented agencies is significant. Agencies and companies in the selected region are either based there or provide services in that part of the world.

All the accommodation providers can be divided onto three major groups:

- agencies like LateRooms that do not charge anything (except for the special offers) when making the booking;

- companies charging a non-refundable deposit, Budget Places, for example;

- hotels or travel agencies charging full amount on the day of making the booking.

Sometimes when making a booking without paying anything in advance the accommodation owners may wish to check whether you have got enough money on the credit or debit card provided to secure the booking by means of its authorisation. That is why it is important to give a valid email address when making the reservation: the booking itinerary, confirmation, cancellation or any other appropriate information will be sent there. Reading the cancellation and amendments policy is a must – it tells when the booking can be cancelled or changed without paying any additional fees or indicates the terms under which the booking can be changed or cancelled.

Please check our News section where we publish latest deals and promotions on accommodation around the world.

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