The Internet is one of the greatest inventions of the contemporary world, it helps us to become free and independent. More and more people start using the Internet for organizing their trips and holidays. Purchasing air, coach and train tickets, booking hotels, apartments and cottages, organizing transfers, buying essential goods and special equipment, reserving a space at a camp site and much more is available to the network users world wide these days. In addition it is nearly impossible to compete with online prices in most cases.

Initially CLTD was created for internal use in order to have travel and tourism useful links at hand, but its gradual growth brought about the idea of publishing the directory and making it available and free to the public. Come on in and make the most of it. All you need is your self-confidence, realisation of your own independence and a true desire to travel, as well as a banking card for paying or reserving travel services.

The directory is very easy to use. Access to the information is organised via relevant categories such as Air tickets, Accommodation etc. The categories containing significant number of resources have an option to filter the links on a geographical basis. For example, when choosing Europe option from the geographical menu the directory will provide a list of companies either based or providing services in Europe. At the moment the most capacious are the European and North American sections of the directory.

The directory is alive, we update the links and search for new resources on a regular basis. Currently, CLTD contains links to more than 1000 companies selling travel services around the world on-line. There are new categories in the directory such as Entertainment, Health, Food, Sightseeing and Museums.

The right side bar on the directory pages displays current relevant travel and tourism offers and latest deals as well as the CLTD's news.

We will be grateful for your comments on how to make the directory more useful. Please use a feedback form on the Contacts page of the web site.

The resources in CLTD are presented in accordance with the agreements between the tourism company Celtic Life and affiliate networks including TradeDoubler, LinkShare, Admitad, Affiliate Window and QX-Plus

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